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of the links provided here are hosted locally on this server and are hosted externally by commercial file hosts. The administrators of this site can't, and won't be held responsible for what members post, including any other actions of its users while using this forum. Rules have been set out and must be adhered to, and we will do everything in our power to remove unwanted content as quickly as possible.

Complaints regarding content and external file links posted on this forum; the complainer should contact the abuse team of the external file host provider for such matters, and not the Hexcracker team.

Hexcracker Rules and Regulations! Please Read or Else!

  • One account per household. If you are found to have more than one account, both accounts will be suspended. Regular Members are limited . To access our PRO/UnderGround members section and download upgrade your account to a VIP membership today!
  • Vulgar, offensive, or otherwise obscene names will be changed. Repeated violations will result in account suspension.
  • Avatars / profile photos of pornographic or sexual nature will be removed. Repeated violations will result in account suspension.
  • No Links to other Forums are to be posted anyplace other than your profile, violators found posting their site link in our forums will be banned and blacklisted.
  • We reserve the right to move , remove or edit products at any time.

  • Before posting any sort of Help request, including forum topics and FAQ, please use the search function to prevent repeat questions and provide you with the most timely response.
  • Use descriptive topic titles. Topic titles such as Help, Error, or Not Working are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Racism or sexism of any type is prohibited and will be punished accordingly.
  • If you are criticizing or providing feedback of a more negative nature, please back up all of your points. Don't simply reply with, I hate it, back yourself up with the specific reasons why and what could be done to improve it. This will get you much further and members are much more receptive to this type of constructive feedback.
  • Flaming or raging of any sort in not allowed and will be punished based on severity and at the discretion of the Management Team.
  • Speaking of controversial subjects: You are allowed to post these sort of things in the General and Off-Topic sections of the forum. However, it is not recommended as you may lose your respect in the community if you have a different opinion on it. These topics tend to cause wars and are generally a pain, so they should be avoided.
  • You must have at least 1 approved posts before making any sort of request. Unless you are VIP
  • You may only bump your topic once every two (2) days. Unless you are VIP
  • Do not bump topics older than 4 weeks. The exception to this rule is: Support topics. Occasionally a support may go unanswered and it is appropriate to bump it according to the above rule.
  • If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it; do not create a duplicate topic
  • Copy / pasting the same message in topics or creating several pointless spam topics in an effort to fraudulently increase your post count or for any other reason is prohibited.

  • Back-seat moderation is not allowed. Simply report the post and move on, our Staff team is perfectly capable of handling it; it's why we're here!
  • Staff will not answer support questions via PM, they will simply request you to create a topic. The exception is with services, IE:, installing software

  • You may advertise your website in your signature, but it must not be of a similar nature to Hexcracker and it cannot contain pornography or other lewd materials. If you become inactive at Hexcracker, your signature may be removed. You may not advertise for Staff positions in your signature. Use the Looking For Staff forum for that. If you are banned at Hexcracker, your signature will be removed. We will also remove signatures that are not in the spirit of our community guidelines (and you may have action taken against you for that). One site link per signature please.
  • Pictures are permitted within signatures but keep in mind that large images, or images that cause forum lag will be removed. We don't want your signature to hinder the browsing experience of others. Obviously, pictures must comply with our community guidelines. Please refrain from using excessive multi-colored text, flash graphics, or otherwise obnoxious graphics in your signatures. These are annoying and distracting. In addition, please refrain from using excessive special characters and emoticons in your signatures. Again, these are very distracting. Finally, do not increase the text size to make your forum signature "stand out". The standard text size is absolutely fine. Let's keep the text in signatures somewhat uniform, as crazy varieties just make the forum look sloppy and distracting. Recommended image size is 200px or less.
Terms and conditions for VIP/Premium Membership

No refund policy

We will not held responsible for any file you download from here.

You are solely responsible for every activity.

If we find you sharing Premium resources anywhere else you will be permanently banned and no refund will be issued! So don't do it! We are striving to be the number one Underground Cracker Community and Leeching just hurts it for everyone!

Rules are Subject to change without notice.

When purchasing a membership, be sure to pick which package you would like when purchasing. Because once you buy a package in order to get a different membership, you will need to purchase a new upgrade. And once your membership expires you can send a private message and request to be moved to the donator member group which has less limits on downloads (This applies to 3 Months VIP only)


Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, make friends, and discover! That's what this community is all about. Please avoid drama, we dislike it too when things go wrong, but there's a report button. Do not "call out" other users - just report their post!
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